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Poised for Growth: How FunnelAI’s CEO Stays Customer-Driven | FunnelAI

Poised for Growth: How FunnelAI’s CEO Stays Customer-Driven

FunnelAI CEO, Sri Kamma, dives into the lessons he’s learned on his entrepreneurial journey.

My most exciting moment with FunnelAI was when we got our first paying customer. In that moment I knew we had something special. Since then, FunnelAI has seen steady growth and was named ‘Innovator of the Year’ by AI Dev World in 2019. Being a startup founder has taught me a lot about self-learning, building successful teams, the power of listening, and creating a unique customer experience.

AI Tech Awards, Innovator of the Year Presented to Real-Time Customer Acquisition Platform, Company: FunnelAI

In 2017, myself and my co-founders set out to create a revolutionary company that would address the pain points and untapped customer potential in the auto industry. We developed FunnelAI from my many years of experimentations with entrepreneurship. Before settling on FunnelAI, I worked on 14 other startup ideas, from web development, auto diagnostics software to even heath and fitness. 

My true passion, though, has always been cars and automation. It’s what led me to study mechanical engineering in Bangalore, India and receive my Master’s in Information Systems in Aberdeen, Scotland – 2,000 miles away from my hometown on the east coast of India. From there, I moved to Ireland before I settled in the U.S.

When I was working on my full-time startup, Apposphere, in 2015, I got first-hand experience with customer acquisition problems. That was when I realized the value of online content and built my first real-time customer acquisition platform, FunnelAI. 

My startup, Apposphere, had set the foundation for FunnelAI. Later, I discovered customer acquisition is the number one challenge for any business. I learned that business leaders were looking for innovative and smart solutions. 

When we launched FunnelAI, our product was designed for every vertical and business. However, when trying to test our product to find the best product/market fit, I chose the auto industry. An auto enthusiast myself, I spend a lot of time on every aspect of a car.  We also have many potential customers on the waiting list for other verticals including real estate, retail, fitness, health, and even green energy! I hope to be able to serve these customers soon, but for now, FunnelAI is hyperfocused on the auto industry.

Today, we have a strong product and an even stronger team. Through our NLP models, FunnelAI searches through 300 million public posts daily from social media, online forums, and discussion boards to find users who are in the market to purchase a new or used vehicle or find information on parts or servicing for their vehicles. 

Sri and Suja Kamma of FunnelAI courtesy photo

My co-founder and sister, Suja Kamma. Photo courtesy of

Our models even find people within other subverticals of the auto industry such as insurance, finance, aftermarket parts, and collision. Then, we match dealers and enterprises with these undiscovered prospects in real-time, so they can start meaningful conversations and nurture relationships. According to Automotive News, “When people express intent that they’re going shopping on Twitter, within the next 72 hours they’re going to make a purchase.” This powerful statement is what makes FunnelAI crucial for marketers who want to generate sales and drive growth.

Auto industry businesses can even engage their existing customers through our Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM). Our CLM Dashboard makes it easy for our clients to keep up with their existing customers based on their life events or purchase intent. FunnelAI finds market-ready customers based on consumers’ needs or requests, not based on behavioral predictions.This is what sets us apart from our competitors. 

One of our full-stack developers, Larry. Photo courtesy of Dave Sims Media.

Amid the pandemic, businesses in the auto industry are adjusting their marketing budgets, due to a slowdown in sales. Many of them are realizing there are much smarter, simpler, and technologically advanced ways to acquire customers. Our customers are ahead of the curve when it comes to AI-powered business solutions. 

The businesses we’ve partnered with have seen increased conversion rates, more sales growth, and deeper connections with their customers. It’s so exciting to see the fruits of our team’s labor in creating a truly revolutionary product! These results keep our team energized and focused and makes the work we do so meaningful. 

FunnelAI, has shown that hiring for potential, being frugal, and going where the talent is, sets a solid foundation to keep up steady growth during and after this pandemic. We are positioned to evolve as a true AI company with a simple, alternate solution. By reaching out to consumers’ in real-time, businesses don’t have to spend huge dollars on digital platforms. Right now, we’re inviting investors and businesses to be a part of our journey towards consistent growth.

Connect with us at or send me a quick invite over LinkedIn.

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