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Closer Look | SocialMiningAi

A Closer Look


SocialMiningAi searches through social platforms for posts that impact your business.


Connect with highly qualified opportunities with real intent. Dealers receive an ongoing stream of prospects looking to buy, sell, or trade a vehicle. They can easily filter to receive other prospects looking for service, parts, warranties, or even financing options. Dealerships can in turn connect with these prospects in real-time.


Ensure none of your prospects go uncontacted ever again. SocialMiningAi gives you full control with customized, automated SMS with real campaigns, real analytics and stop statuses. Enroll all scheduled campaigns into an appointment confirmation process giving your prospects the ability to reschedule rather than leaving you hanging and never seeing them again. SocialMiningAi also allows for bulk SMS messaging for marketing sales events or to get the word out.

Social Listening

SOCIAL LISTENING – Reputation Management and Brand Awareness

Dealers do not have the time or resources to hang out on Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Facebook, Yelp, or Google Reviews all day, no matter how much they want to. Let alone come across a post that they should be made AWARE of or engage in. Utilizing SocialMiningAi will give you all the resources you need to manage all things social for your specific Dealership, Dealer Group, Competitors, and OEM.


SocialMiningAi helps build and maintain loyal relationships. With our customer lifecycle management (CLM) dashboard, auto dealers can engage their customers directly, timely, and more often.

Dealers for the first time will have a manageable resource to engage with their customers within their social sites. Now you can be notified when a customer graduates, has a child turning 16, relocates, sells or buys a home or receives a promotion or even has a baby. Choose when to congratulate them during these impactful life events.



One of dealerships’ biggest problems has been inventory. Not only can SocialMiningAi help save you on high fees at the auction but we can also introduce you to private party sellers upstream so that you can take their vehicle on trade and potentially sell them a new one. SocialMiningAi helps to eliminate the vehicle acquisition fee or broker fees by helping you connect with sellers in the market now.


Our powerful analytics can help you visualize your potential to grow with the display of real analytics on the number of prospects looking to purchase or sell a vehicle. Finally, understand what consumers and prospects are saying about your brand. Be made aware of trends and potentially get in front of recalls while keeping a pulse on what your community is saying, staying with the trends, and being in the conversation. With SocialMiningAi you will be at the forefront of the next evolution of reputation management.

With the ability to search through millions of social data posts daily, SocialMiningAi identifies prospective customers with a high intent to purchase products or services from your dealership and enables real-time conversations with those prospective customers. That means less time looking for prospects, and more time converting them into customers.

  • TX
  • CT6
  • XLR

Convenient and Easy to Use

funnel ai filter locations

Filter prospects by locations or keywords

Funnel ai filter msn

Get SMS or Email notifications when new prospects pop up

Using AI to Identify Intent

SocialMiningAi’s Aingine® uses natural language processing (NLP) and with machine learning and image recognition to identify users with high purchase intent. SocialMiningAI then displays relevant prospect to users in real time allowing them to act immediately. We also use Ai to help manage your online reputation on sites that you likely didn’t know people were posting about you.

Real Interactions

Respond and engage directly from our platform or use the app when you are on the go

leads on a phone view


There are prospects on social platforms who are looking to purchase parts for their vehicles or customers who are looking for the best servicing options, and those who may not have a standard warranty on their vehicles who tend to shop for services from independent servicing centers. SocialMiningAi can help you connect with those prospects and others just like them in real-time.

Personalized Ads

SocialMiningAi helps businesses to target the prospects that are in the market to purchase or subscribe for their service. Businesses also have an option to respond to the prospects or can use our hyper target ad platform to connect with the prospect.

With the personalized ads the businesses can save 70% from traditional advertising costs and can provide the option for the prospects to connect with them in real-time




Our Ai models categorize the buyers based on the specific brand or model they have expressed interest to purchase, or looking for servicing or parts for their model.

Our Ai can further categorize by type of the vehicle if it’s a sedan, truck, SUV, electric, or even hybrid. The categorization helps the salesperson to narrow down the search and target the customers in real-time.


We identify the prospects based on the public location they share or mention in their posts. Our algorithm can help determine the closest location of the prospect that helps the dealers to connect with them based on their geo-location.
With the combination of make, model and geolocation filters, we present the dealerships with the highest quality leads data to connect prospects with dealerships in real-time.



Your next customer is waiting to hear from you!

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