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About Us | FunnelAI

About Us

In 2017, FunnelAI was launched by siblings, Sri and Suja Kamma, with a mission to harness the power online data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to create endless sales opportunities and exponential growth for businesses.

Complex problems are solved by the simplest solutions and by leveraging the best tools. Hence we leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) to solve one of the most complex problems every business struggles with: Finding purchase-ready customers and re-engaging existing customers, in real time!

We are humbled to be recognized as ‘Innovator of the Year’ by industry experts in the field of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. In an era where everyone uses AI loosely, even though the solution is not built on true AI models, it means a lot to be recognized for our true AI innovation and solutions.

An auto-enthusiast himself, Sri focused on building new solutions that have been helping the automotive industry, from manufacturers to dealerships, finding them purchase-reading customers and re-engaging their existing customers in real-time with revolutionary customer acquisition tools.


Our History


FunnelAI Announces Global Expansion and AI Business Tool Development Strategy Through a Partnership with Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute

The industry’s leading real-time artificial intelligence (AI) semantic search platform provider, FunnelAI, located in Texas, USA, has partnered with the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii), in Edmonton, Canada to expedite FunnelAI’s high-tech innovation and growth to fuel their complex AI solutions for global expansion.


FunnelAI brings automotive industry veteran Laura Ryan as Chief Operating Officer

The industry’s first real-time artificial intelligence (AI) semantic search platform provider, FunnelAI, continues to experience accelerated growth and brings on a COO who will help steer the company to the next level.


FunnelAI, a Growing, Real-Time Customer Acquisition AI company, expands Leadership

Real-time AI-Based customer acquisition software company, FunnelAI, is preparing for another noteworthy growth phase by bringing on two new leaders who will help steer the company through a post-coronavirus world.


FunnelAI Launches Newly Designed App

FunnelAI, a real-time, purchase-ready customer acquisition platform that uses artificial intelligence to turn social intent and web activity into prospects for businesses, is proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned app at NADA 2020.


FunnelAI Makes The Latka 100 of Fastest Growing SaaS Companies

FunnelAI, Since 2017 we’ve been focused on helping you grow your business. Today, we’re helping over 100 of you! We’re excited to share that out of 3,500 SaaS companies last year, we were in the Latka top 5% in terms of revenue growth rate. This is a clear sign that our product continues to be loved as we work to scale.


FunnelAI Joins CDK Global Partner Program

FunnelAI, a real-time, purchase-ready customer acquisition platform that uses artificial intelligence to turn social intent and web activity into prospects for businesses, today announced that it has become a participant in the CDK Global Partner Program. Developed by CDK Global, Inc. (Nasdaq: CDK), the CDK Partner Program is the largest marketplace of third-party automotive applications and integrations.


San Antonio’s Tech Scene is Powered Up by FunnelAI

In the shadow of Austin, San Antonio is building a growing tech scene that goes far beyond Rackspace. Get to know 27 tech companies working with industries ranging from AI, health care and cybersecurity to education and business management. Great to have FunnelAI as one of those companies helping build the San Antonio Tech Ecosystem!


FunnelAI Wins ‘Innovator of the Year’ AI Tech Award

FunnelAI has won a 2019 AI Tech Award in the category: Innovator of the Year.


50 Best Small Companies to Work For

FunnelAI is one of 50 companies selected by Built In Austin as the best small companies to work for.


FunnelAI Raises $1.5 Million To Revolutionize Customer Acquisition In Real-time For Businesses

FunnelAI Raises $1.5 Million To Revolutionize Customer Acquisition In Real-time For Businesses.


Startup hits revenue milestone with AI tool for finding sales leads

Startup hits revenue milestone with AI tool for finding sales leads.


To Buy or Not to Buy: FunnelAI Studies Consumers’ Intent to Purchase

To Buy or Not to Buy: FunnelAI Studies Consumers’ Intent to Purchase.


San Antonio Businesses, Researchers Put Artificial Intelligence To Work

San Antonio Businesses, Researchers Put Artificial Intelligence To Work.



Tweet about your apartment search in the Pearl area, and you might have a leasing agent at The Can Plant contact you about available floor plans. Post on Facebook that you’re in the market for a car, and an Austin dealership could be in touch.


FunnelAI’s Revenue Tops $1M ARR

FunnelAI has become the fastest growing SaaS company in San Antonio and reached $1M ARR within less than a year.


FunnelAI Team Participated in Y Combinator Startup School

Y Combinator accepted FunnelAI into their startup school, and completed the program in October 2018


FunnelAI Featured as 10 Best Tech Startups in San Antonio

FunnelAI has been featured as one of the top 10 Tech startups in San Antonio.


FunnelAI closed pre-seed round

FunnelAI closed seed round to expand into more verticals for prospecting, and to hire sales and grow our product team to scale the company.


Austin A-List 2018 Nomination

The Austin Chamber of Commerce nominated FunnelAI for the Austin A-List 2018. The A-List Awards recognize Austin’s most promising, cutting-edge innovators and emerging startups.


FunnelAI voted Top 10 among exhibitors during FUND Conference

FunnelAI was voted as one of top 10 exhibitors during the FUND Conference in Austin, TX.


Featured in Startups San Antonio Journal

FunnelAI‘s Artificial Intelligence Finds Real-time Customer Leads in Social Posts.


FunnelAI Selected for MassChallenge Texas 2018 Accelerator Program

FunnelAI was selected to participate in MassChallenge Texas’ 2018 accelerator program. FunnelAI was one of over 520 startups to apply for the four month accelerator located in Austin, Texas, and will join 84 other startups from across Texas and around the world.


FunnelAI Launched Prospecting from Auto Forums for Auto Dealers

FunnelAI now generated prospects from auto forums for auto dealer vertical, alongside with existing sources from social media and Craigslist.


Featured in San Antonio Business Journal

Local artificial intelligence startup ‘listens’ to social media for new customers.


FunnelAI Launched Instagram Integration for Prospecting

FunnelAI launched Instagram integration for prospecting, alongside with the existing integrations with major social media sites Twitter, Facebook and Craigslist.


FunnelAI Rebranded from Aingines

Aingines was launched with the new brand FunnelAI after joining RealCo Seed Fund Program in San Antonio, TX. Read more in the article.


FunnelAI Joined RealCo Accelerator & Relocated to San Antonio

FunnelAI™(Rebranded from Aingines), helps businesses achieve growth with the power of Artificial Intelligence, and it’s a real pleasure to have joined RealCo, to bring our idea and our product to a vast market. Read more in the article.


FunnelAI (An Aingines, Inc. Company) Launched

FunnelAI, An Aingines, Inc. Company launched during SXSW 2017 in Austin, TX.

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