Friday Five – September 27, 2019

FunnelAI’s Friday Five is a collection of five of the coolest news articles and ideas from us and the tech industry.

1.What We’re Writing: We have entered the age of automation. Now that autonomous cars are becoming more of a reality, what are the implications for auto dealers downstream? Our CEO, Sri Kamma, explains that these new developments will make it even harder for auto dealers to attract customers, but dealers can get in front of this movement and make changes now to ensure they stay relevant in coming years. Read more here.


2. What We’re Reading: How Dunkin’ Uses AI For Order Ahead AnalyticsWith 11,300 locations in 36 countries, it’s no secret Dunkin’ is a huge player in the fast food industry. They’re one of the many restaurants using innovative tech to fuel their omnichannel presence. Their app, DD Perks, uses a sophisticated AI network that “leverages data analytics to send customers targeted offers at specific times”.


Someone holding a Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee with donut on top of the drink


3. Today in Tech History: The Road to Radar

1922 – Scientists at the Naval Aircraft Radio Laboratory near Washington, DC, report on experiments with short wave radio that show if a ship passed through a radio wave broadcast between two stations, that ship could be detected. It was a development on the road to radar.

A woman in a dark room looks at computer screen where radar is being shown


4. Tech News: On Wednesday, Amazon announced a lot of new updates for Alexa-enabled products, including the introduction of celebrity voices like Samuel L. Jackson. Didn’t catch all of the announcements? Read about it here.


5. Interesting Find: This week, VinSolutions published a study on technology in auto dealerships. They found that 63% of dealers agree that automation and/or AI is necessary to adapt to the changing dealership pressures, but many dealers don’t even know a lot about it. Our goal at FunnelAI is to bridge the gap between AI-powered technology and dealership sales teams. Interested in reading the study? Check it out here


Thanks for reading! We’ll catch you next week to share a brand new Friday Five. Make sure to read all of our other blog posts at funnelai.com/blog

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