Friday Five – September 20, 2019

FunnelAI’s Friday Five is a collection of five of the coolest news articles and ideas from us and the tech industry.

1. What We’re Up To: We’re brainstorming some upcoming fall events for the San Antonio Artificial Intelligence Events Meetup group. Interested in joining the AI community in SA? Check us out here

Seven women on stage. 6 panelists and 1 moderator.

Are there any events you’d like to see? Let us know!


2. What We’re Reading: “In the digital marketing world, you hear the words ‘tracking pixel’ or just “pixel” thrown around a lot, often times without any context as to what the heck it is.” 

Here’s a quick explanation:

What is a Tracking Pixel—Explained in 800 Words or Less

Red background, desktop computer with facebook logo in the middle


3. Tips for Dealerships: “It can be a challenge to manage daily tasks outside of servicing new customers such as setting up appointments, doing meetings, updating emails, following up on your established customer base and drawing up contracts. Here is a list of 5 simple tools and tips that will help get you organized and boost your productivity.”

6 Simple Tools To Boost Your Productivity


4. Today in Tech History: 1848 – On September 20, members of the former Association of American Geologists and Naturalists met to create the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Today, it is the world’s largest general scientific society.


Tech News: Have you seen this viral selfie tool yet? “ImageNet Roulette is one of the most important and historically significant training sets in artificial intelligence. In the words of its creators, the idea behind ImageNet was to ‘map out the entire world of objects.'” It was created by AI Now Institute cofounder Kate Crawford and artist Trevor Paglen. Try it out for yourself.

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