Friday Five – October 25, 2019

FunnelAI’s Friday Five is a collection of five of the coolest news articles and ideas from us and the tech industry.

1. What We’re Writing: Artificial intelligence-powered solutions are becoming a standard in every industry, from agriculture to finance, but fears about its implications keep people from using it to their advantage. We wrote about how your company can use AI tools to modernize your sales process.

AI for Sales: More Than a Competitive Advantage

Bar graph that shows increasing number on blue background with motherboard on it


2. Tips for Dealerships: According to a new article by Automotive News, young car shoppers are not ditching the dealership. Online shopping trends are continually growing but for large items like vehicles shoppers, even Millennials, want to shop in-store.

Millennials Aren’t Abandoning Brick and Mortar


3. When Tech and Art Collide: New Zealand-based photographer Richard Parry’s newest project, Some Assembly Required, breaks down some famous pieces of tech. Literally.

Photographer Richard Parry Shows the Innovation of Consumer Tech From the Inside Out

Nintendo Switch taken apart so each layer of tech is shown

Photograph by Richard Parry


4. What We’re Reading: Conservationists are deploying audio recorders, neural networks and predictive analytics in a bid to save elephants from extinction.

Elephants Under Attack Have An Unlikely Ally: Artificial Intelligence


5. This Week in Tech History: October 21, 2001

Using the slogan, “1000 Songs in Your Pocket,” Steve Jobs introduces the original iPod. By using a 1.8″ drive, the iPod was significantly smaller than competing MP3 players of the time. At its introduction, the original iPod only worked with Macintosh computers. However, the popularity of the iPod among Windows users – who had to hack together a solution to use it with their computers – prompted Apple to release a Windows compatible version in the second generation of iPods. With the introduction of the iTunes Music Store in June of 2003, the runaway success of the iPod completely changed the landscape of the music and computer industry. – https://thisdayintechhistory.com/

Steve Jobs next to picture of first generation iPod which came out in 2001

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