Friday Five – October 11, 2019

FunnelAI’s Friday Five is a collection of five of the coolest news articles and ideas from us and the tech industry.

1. What We’re Up To: Our cofounders, Sri and Suman, traveled to San Jose this week to accept the award for Innovator of the Year. Thanks to Dev Network for recognizing FunnelAI as a leader in artificial intelligence. 

Our founders, Sri and Suman, accepting the award for Innovator of the Year in San Jose, CA.

2. What We’re Writing: Last week we announced that we are now giving all of our team members the opportunity to work remotely. We wondered what it would mean offering flexibility to everyone at FunnelAI, including our team in San Antonio. Read more about the changes here

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3. What We’re Reading: Artificial Intelligence Could Be a $14 Trillion Boon to the Global Economy—If It Can Overcome These Obstacles

4. This Week in Tech History: October 10, 1980

Midway releases the video game Pac-Man to arcades in North America. While the Japanese release under the name “Puck-Man” occurred in May of that year, the game’s popularity didn’t take off until being released in the United States. Pac-Man will become the first true mega-hit video game in history, sparking “Pac-Man Fever” and catapulting the video game industry into mainstream culture.

5. Tech News: Yesterday was World Mental Health Day. Here’s an article that explains how mental health care workers will be using artificial intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mental Health Care

Thanks for reading! We’ll catch you next week to share a brand new Friday Five. Make sure to read all of our other blog posts at funnelai.com/blog

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