Friday Five – November 29, 2019

Happy Black Friday! We hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Check out the stories we collected this week.

1. What We’re Watching: On this episode of On the Mark, Mark Tewart talks about the power of language and how it can both help and hurt you when talking to customers in the dealership.


2. What We’re Writing: Interacting with your customers has shifted tremendously in recent years. Rather than meeting in offices during business hours, most companies regularly meet and interact with their customers online. Here are a few recommendations for when you reach out to prospects.

How to Engage with Prospective Customers on Social Media


3. What We’re Learning: Get a peek behind the scenes at Instagram.

Instagram explains how it uses AI to choose content for your Explore tab


4. What We’re Reading:  Fine dining with a side of artificial intelligence? Sign us up!

Houston tech company uses AI to help select wine

Bartender talking to woman


5. This Week in Tech History: November 26, 1976 – Microsoft Trademarked

“Bill Gates and Paul Allen register the trade name “Microsoft” with the Office of the Secretary of State of New Mexico. Previously, Gates and Allen had been working under an informal partnership known as “Micro-soft”, a combination of Microcomputer and Software. The partnership continued for several more years until Microsoft incorporated in July of 1981, just prior to the introduction of the IBM PC..” – https://thisdayintechhistory.com/

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