Friday Five – December 13, 2019

FunnelAI’s Friday Five is a collection of five of the coolest news articles and ideas from us and the tech industry.

1. What We’re Watching: Want to persuade more people to say “yes” to what you offer without feeling as if you’re some kind of ‘high-pressure salesperson’? In this inspiring and humorous talk, marketing expert Steve Harrison redefines what it really means ‘to sell.’


2. What We’re Writing: With the Women in Automotive conference taking place this weekend, we thought we’d go over the influence women have had in the auto industry.

Influence of Women in the Automotive World


3. What We’re Learning: “It’s true that the current generation of consumers are making very deliberate purchasing choices – but so did the previous one. The concept that consumers buy brands that confirm, enhance, or allow them to display their identity also remains true. What’s shifted is how the modern consumer base defines what matters to them.

Your Customer Wants to Be the Hero


4. What We’re Reading: Artificial intelligence could aid in the search for life on alien planets and detection of nearby asteroids, according to NASA officials.”

How A.I. Could Help Find Alien Planets and Asteroids


5. This Week in Tech History: December 2, 1991 – Google Releases Chrome

“Google releases the first stable public version of their web browser, Chrome. Chrome is now considered the most popular web browser in the world.” – https://thisdayintechhistory.com/


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